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    Leaders of the enterprise advocate a work style of “Innovation” and “Responsibility”.
    A creative team is courageous to do what others dare not, regardless of difficulties.
    A creative employee is always full of creative ideas, for whose realization he never stepsback because of adversity.
    A creative organization always has a strong will for and sincere cooperation, by which difficulty is overcome.
    To be a creative and responsible employee, one must have the five elements:
    Honesty——It is the premise of success. There should be time reputation among colleagues. One should keep promise to the franchisees and cooperative partners, and does as said.
    Responsibility——It is the soul of an organization. One should have the sense of responsibility for work to take the aftermath because of work faults and to seek solutions for them.
    Regularization——It is the guarantee of success in form of the regularization of work procedure which guides our work for which we become the professional workers in each field.
    Discipline——It is the foundation of a team. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Each team member ought to observe the provisions and regulations of the company.
    Excellence——It is the pursuit of innovation for which we firmly believe that “there are more solutions than problems”. We are not mediocrities.
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